About Us

How Did We Started?

As Inegol Papel, we took our first step into the sector in 2016 in Inegol District, which is known as the wood and furniture capital of Bursa, one of the most distinguished cities of our country with its history and culture. Since the first day of our establishment, we have guided ourselves by two indispensable values. Quality and comfort, we have designed every product we manufacture in the light of these two values ​​with hard work and devotion. We sent the products we designed with an understanding that values ​​human health to every city of our country and to different countries of the world with peace of mind. While we are carrying out works that add value to our country's economy in imports and exports, we tried our best to improve our work network and we will continue to do so. Today, we are proud to send our products designed with quality and comfort to all over the world with the experience we have gained and the principles we believe in. From the very first moment of the production process, we choose the best material, and after millimetric measurements, we carefully complete the most suitable dressings for the design. Because we know; 'Every person wants to lean their back on the most comfortable chair.' With this belief and goal, we rolled up our sleeves to bring you the best quality service and the most comfortable chair in all cities of our country, especially in all countries of the world.

İnegöl Papel Sandalyesi.

We want to introduce ourselves better.

Our factory and the work we do have prepared this video to get to know you better!